Hello, Web 👋 I’m Alicia and this is my new website.

Nice to meet you, I’m a German pansexual polyamorous trans woman, software developer and giant dorky nerd. I’ve had a blog before, but scraped everything aggressively with my transition, I just wanted to get rid of all my previous presence. Now I want to get back to sharing content with the world. That could be anything, but for example:

I’m just hoping to teach, spread awareness and just generally share my experience with the world. That said, it’s not gonna be tailored to attract readers or make me look really professional. I just want to share while being myself, which also means that sometimes things aren’t completely thought out. They are just how they came to my mind. But who knows, maybe my writing will improve over time.

I actually wanted to get back into blogging for at least a year now, but things kept me busy. There usually was a long time between making plans, setting things up and doing things, which often caused me to scratch it again and redo since things changed to much in the meantime. This has been repeating a few times, so I’m happy to finally get going after all. The website is still heavily work in progress and I’m gonna make changes as I have time.